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Two unisex restroom doors, one painted with a unicorn, the other with a unicycle.
Cute as hell.


So my friend posted these business cards he now has on facebook

I must get these…except the ones for short people
An important lesson to the "cultural appropriation weekend warriors"...



So, I work as a henna artist. That is my main source of income. I’m good at it, and I’m well known in my city for it.
I’m not Indian, Pakistani, Yemeni, muslim, middle eastern, etc.
I love my work. I make a living doing what I love and it’s pure bliss.

Now you know my line of work, you…

You are not only depriving indigenous artists the ability to profit from, maintain, and share our traditions, but actively destroying those traditions through this act of theft. In short, you’re starving us for our heritage while spitting on it all the same.

 We tolerate your bullshit in our stores, your presence at our events, and hell - even in our homes because your very existence wields so much power over us that we don’t have an option otherwise. 

We are polite to your face and rip you apart once you turn your back because you are nothing more than a vulture picking away at the vulnerable, scavenging what you can from us when we can’t fight back. You and your “art,” are irrelevant. If self important shits like you stepped aside to make room for the rest of us, we could cater to our own.

As a henna artist of both South Asian and Middle Eastern extraction, practicing an art passed down to me by the women in my family who held onto our traditions in the face of imperialism, colonialism, and daily acts of racism from the smallest aggressions to out and out acts of violence - I cordially invite you and every piece of trash like you to go fuck yourselves.

You are scum and you are profiting from a system of inequality while damning us for calling attention to it.

You should be so fucking ashamed.

And if you would like to avoid promoting racists and blatant racism, do NOT get your mehndi done from in Melissa Addams in Florida, aka

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Artist: Claudy Khan